About Neila

About Neila

Neila was an elegant informal restaurant. We pride ourselves on our consistency - for 12 years running we have received and maintained a 1 hat status in the SMH Good Food Guide. We have also been included in The Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide our pork hock entree was named as one of Australian Gourmet Travellers favourite dishes in 2011.

Our philosophy is to grow and source the raw materials from within as close a radius to the restaurant as possible - the Cowra "terroir".

Since the mission of Neila is the production and preparation of good food, we've worked extremely hard to set up relationships with local producers, who like us, strive to respect the environment - from organic fruit and vegetable growers to deer farmers. A list of producers who share this philosophy are listed on our producers page.

In our search for sustainability at Neila (even though it is a small step) from a barren 52 acre paddock in 1994 our block now has 3000 trees growing on it - from olives to quinces, chinese red dates and blood oranges. We even have 10 acres of regenerated bushland - our kangaroo and birdlife sanctuary. We preserve the glut of local stone fruit which is then available year round instead of relying on out of season imports. We try to operate in the most sustainable, environmentally responsible manner possible.

Our products comprise of some of the great produce grown on our farm and are combined in a interesting way to reflect our Greek and Chinese heritage.