Product Range

Product Range

The name “Neila” is derived from a region of Cowra 15 km south of the township of Cowra towards Canberra. Our farm is located in this area and borders Neila Creek – a semi permanent creek which flows into the Lachlan River. Until 1955 the population was of a size enabling it to maintain a school. The last remnant of the name today is a sign proclaiming the “Neila footrot protection area”.

Planting of fruit trees at Neila farm began in the autumn of 1994 and continued until the onset of drought in 2000. We grow a variety of produce but mainly Chinese Red Dates (or jujubes) and Olives.

In 2005 a granite Olive press was installed at Neila farm. This is now the centre piece of the Neila cooking school.

Neila Products

A range of restaurant quality products are now produced under the "Neila" label.


Our Mission statement

Honesty in our belief of foods. The ingredients that we use, the processes that we apply and the way we eat. Ecologically sustainable.
Simply concentrated. It's the way we cook our jam sauces. Lots of fruit, no thickeners, no emulsifiers and zero preservatives.


Our philosophy:

Premium seasonal fruit, small batch, artisan

Our soft set jam/sauce flavour combinations to tempt are:

  • Cherry, Lemon Verbena, Sichuan Pepper Jam. Made from Stella, Rons and Bing fruit from Orange, Cowra & Young and herbs using all natural ingredients (without the addition of pectin). Use on croissants, butter shortbread, toast or with turkey or ham
  • Chamomile flower & Plum jam. Made from Santa Rosa and Satsuma handpicked fruit from Young and herbs using all natural ingredients (without the addition of pectin). A breakfast jam forfor a calming effect throughout the day
  • Almond, Chocolate & Banana jam. An all-day spread for an instant energy boost
  • Caramelised Peach & Ouzo jam. Made from Zee Lady and Elegant Lady fruit from Young. A breakfast jam for a taste of Greece and great spooned over ice cream or on a rice pudding.
  • Kumquat, Lychee & Mint   Made from Nagami & Marumi fruit grown on our farm. Perfect on toast or as a topping for ice-cream or custard.Enjoy a spoonful in black tea. This can be used to glaze pastry or as an accompaniment for chicken, pork or duck dishes
  • Peach, Watermelon & Chilli jam. Made from O'Henry fruit from Forbes. Great for a snack on bread or on a cheese plate also wonderful with roast duck.

Our pickles:

  • Spiced Fennel. Grown at Block 11 Organics and Hand cut and pickled to a traditional Chinese recipe using all natural ingredients. Perfect with roast meats, turkey, ham, seafood or cheese. Toss some through a salad or add some to you antipasto plate. The pickling liquid can also be blended with extra virgin olive oil for a delicious salad dressing.
  • Kalamata Olives Mostly (European Style) - made from our own hand picked fruit and herbs to a traditional Greek recipe
  • Gingerbread spiced jujubes. Fresh from our own orchard in Cowra, these delicious jujubes or Chinese red dates have been delicately pickled with gingerbread spices. Gorgeous on their own, or as an exciting addition to a meze, tapas or cheese plate. Toss through a salad or serve as an accompaniment to hot and cold meats and fish. Combine pickle solution with extra virgin olive oil for a great salad dressing.

Our grazing range items are :
  • Tea Spiced Walnuts - grown in the King Valley & perfect for civilised grazing
  • Nigella Crispbread - more wafer than crispbread and ideal for cheese plates, tapas, dips and antipasto



  • NEILA Products are available from -


BLACKWATTLE Deli - (Sydney Fish Market) - Shop 8A Bank Street Pyrmont


The Essential Ingredient - 25 Jardine Street KINGSTON


Orange Visitor Information Center - Byng Street Orange

A Slice of Orange - Shop 2/200 Anson Street Orange

The Agrestic Grocer - 426 Mitchell Highway Orange



Millthorpe Providores - Victoria Street Millthorpe


Re'lish Home & Living - Kendal Street Cowra

Visitor Information Center - Mid Western Highway Cowra


Homewares from Everywhere - 45 Gayndah Road Maryborough



Soul Food Design Depot & Gallery Pty Ltd - 1-7 Dandaloo Street Narromine



If you can't get to our stockists please email us with your requirements and we will organise a quote for postage and goods

If you wish to stock our products please contact us via email


We would like to thank the following producers / suppliers:

  • Block 11 Organic fruit & vegetables
  • King Valley Walnuts
  • Mandagery Creek Venison
  • Chiverton Cherries
  • Art of Espresso Coffee Co
  • Budgi Werri Prunes
  • Millthorpe Truffles for fresh black truffles
  • La Barre Olive Oil
  • Brian Master's Blayney Truffles
  • Blayney sweet pork
  • Le Grenier Farm (Steve & Reni Feletti) for Chickpeas & the occasional Moonlight flat oyster
  • Gaskill Greens
  • Willayoung Orchards for stone fruit
  • Breakout River Meats